onsite wastewater

Providing real-time measurements of
waste levels in onsite tanks

  • Driving efficient management of onsite tanks

    The IoTank solution transforms onsite wastewater management with IoT, advanced sensor technology, and machine learning to centrally manage onsite wastewater solutions. The IoTank sensors measure waste levels and wastewater usage providing real-time data and predictive maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems.
    The IoTank solution is retrofit into existing onsite wastewater tanks with a 5 minute installation and will continuously monitor the tank levels for 5-10 years on a single charge. There is no need to trench power cables to the tank. After installation, IoTank manages and schedules maintenance events.
    IoTank System
  • Remotely collect state of tanks and process compliance

    Legacy operations guess when to maintain onsite wastewater systems. With IoTank, the state of each tank is known, optimizing how much maintenance is performed and automating paperwork.
    Stop guessing if you are overpaying for maintenance AND eliminate the risk of system failures costing time and money.
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  • Real-time data and insights on decentralized assets

    Visual inspections of onsite systems are an inadequate method of understanding tank risks. IoTank uses a combination of sensors to understand levels and usage in the tank in real-time to provide insights previously unrecognized.
    This novel data can be used to predict maintenance dates, failures, and risk levels of each system. Insights can be drawn to develop more effective regulations, capacity planning, or even better methods of managing onsite wastewater in the future!
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  • Prevent onsite system failure

    Failures of onsite wastewater treatment system are expensive to repair and have long standing environmental and health impacts. Onsite failures spread disease and pollution to local waterways.
    Despite valiant efforts by regulators, limited resources are allocated to inspecting onsite wastewater systems. IoTank’s solution is a workforce multiplier, continuously monitoring and inspecting tanks to prevent failures and the resulting impacts.
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