Simplifying environmental protections

  • About IoTank

    Nutrient pollution causes algae blooms and destroys entire water ecosystems. IoTank was started to combat nutrient pollution and protect our lakes, but as we learned more about the decentralized wastewater space, our mission has evolved.
    We know now that decentralized wastewater systems are a ticking bomb waiting to blow up. It is just a matter of time before the pollution and sanitary issues from unmaintained systems result in the destruction of major water ecosystems around the world. IoTank is going to bring this problem to the forefront and tackle it before disaster strikes.
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IoTank's vision and mission

  • Enabling an informed future

    We believe in climate change and the inevitable impacts it will bring. We can make a difference and we must take charge of our own destinies. Data is the key to driving tough conversations about what needs to be done. We believe in our skills and abilities to get the data, drive the conversations and execute on the changes.
    We believe everyone should have access to clean water and basic needs. We want to bring technology and data to an industry where little has previously existed.

    Monitoring critical infrastructure

    The hardest problems are often the most important. Rural and exurban areas are often overlooked. These areas often have the least investment in infrastructure resulting in disconnected networks of infrastructure management. Conversely, all waterways are connected in some way. We want to bring data to centralize infrastructure management.
    We believe onsite wastewater treatment systems are critical infrastructure. These systems on their own do not cause much damage, but as an aggregate can cause major environmental damage