• Full service product

    IoTank’s solution consists of both hardware and software. The hardware monitors tank levels to inform stakeholders of the state of the tank, but those benefits are just beginning. The IoTank platform is coordinating, scheduling, and booking maintenance services with partner onsite maintainers. Paperwork around maintenance is coordinated with municipalities to ensure a streamlined process and decreasing overhead.
    The IoTank platform is also continually evaluating new insights and improving sensor models to increase accuracy of the readings.
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  • Pumping and installation services

    Each installation is completed with a certified onsite maintainer and a pumping of the tank. Pricing for each installation will depend on local pumper’s rates and will be estimated at the time of booking.
    stimated service costs are usually between $150 and $300. The first service may cost more because of the time needed for installation.
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  • IoTank Monitoring Solution

    Price: 299.95

    Serial: 1-001

    Description: The IoTank monitoring solution comes with a communication module, sensor, and antenna. The sensor can be installed in tanks between 50 and 110 inches in depth.
    Each IoTank Smart Monitor requires the following services: pumping, installation, subscription,
    IoTank Monitor