IoTank Pumper Network

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  • Expand your business

    Deploy IoTank Smart Monitors on your existing customer base or partner with IoTank to pump IoTank monitored locations
    Increase your service offerings by installing and maintaining IoTank Smart Monitors
    making moneys
  • Lower your costs

    Utilize IoTank Platform to manage and streamline your operations by digitizing workflows.
    IoTank automatically route optimizes and prices services by knowing and predicting when tanks need maintenance.
    route optimizations
  • Free certification / training

    IoTank offers free training on IoTank Smart Monitor installation, servicing and the IoTank Platform
    IoTank has simplified each process to make training easy and mistake-proof for anyone.
  • IoTank Pumper Network Consent & Agreement to Participate

    IoTank is partnering with installers, pumpers and inspectors for installation, servicing, and data collection for the IoTank Onsite Wastewater Smart Monitors. Pumpers accepted into IoTank's pumper network will gain access to IoTank's platform and all the associated benefits.
    To join IoTank's Pumper Network, companies must confirm they have the requisite skill and the willingness to professionally and expertly install IoTank Smart Monitors by passing a certification / training program.
    By completing this registration for the IoTank Pumper Network, I agree on behalf of myself and my company and all participating employees and contractors working for my company (individually and collectively "My Company Pumpers") and confirm that:
    1. My Company Pumpers are willing to install and support IoTank Smart Monitor products
    2. My Company Pumpers have sufficient skill and experience to install and support IoTank Smart Monitor products according to industry best practices and that each has a level of training and experience to reasonably be designated as an IoTank Installer
    3. My Company Pumpers would like to be contacted about service opportunities and I am willing to receive communications regarding the IoTank Pumper Network, IoTank product information, news, and other relevant information to my business from IoTank.
    4. On behalf of myself and my company, I grant IoTan, its affiliates and their respective subsidiaries the worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license (but not the obligation) to use and publish, in whole or in part:
  • My name
  • My company name and address
  • My company's website (including the right to link)
  • My company's phone number
  • Other publish information about my company available through my website as may reasonably expected to accomplish the purpose of the program
  • 5. I understand the use of information gathered about me and/or my company through participation in this program is subject to IoTank's Privacy Policy
    6. I understand that my company can request to be unenrolled from the IoTank Pumper Network (in which case I will no longer receive leads or IoTank Pumper Network communications and my organization will no longer have access to the IoTank Platform). To unenroll: send an email requesting to be unenrolled to (please include your name and the name of your organization).
    I have carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this program and confirm the accuracy of all information and representations being made through this registration process. I voluntarily agree, on behalf of myself and my company, to be bound by these terms and conditions. Additionally, by enrolling in the IoTank Pumper Network program, I agree that I have the full authority and right to enter into this agreement and grant this consent and that no other party's consent is required.

    IoTank Pumper Network Application

    Complete the form below. Be sure to pay close attention to the Company Information that you provide to ensure we can best optimize routes.
    If your business has multiple locations, we ask that you register each individually. This will help ensure that your business's true service area is reflected within our network. To do this, simply enroll each location with the correct contact information, employees, trucks, and service area information. It is acceptable for the company name and phone number (if you have one main line) to be the same across locations; the key is accounting for service areas.
    After you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email if you have been admitted into the program

    Company Information

    About Your Company

    Please ensure this section is carefully inputted and reach out to if any clarifications are needed